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The Person of Millennium

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Sudha Rani Gupta 

is awarded with the memorable sign Person of Millennium Didi Sudha, Director, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Moscow has become a heroine of the encyclopedia "People of Our Millennium".

This is an encyclopedia of a new type. It is a Federal Information Project. It tells about outstanding personalities from different professions. The author and leader of this project Vera Boldycheva, Chief Editor of the magazine "My Moscow", wrote in the preface to the edition: "A special creative inner energy has uplifted these people to the heights of their activity. They generously share with people their talent, their love. As guardian angels they support this world". About Didi Sudha the author writes... "The Carrier of Light"... There were many other awards and diplomas, but the highest and unchangeable reward that always followed Didi Sudha was the gratitude of many thousands of people, who saw light in their lives and could find for themselves an elevated purpose...

The memorable sign - medal Person of Millennium In his inaugural speech Vycheslav Ageev, Head of the Cultural Sector, Administration Department of President of Russia, congratulated the participants and said that such leaders with high moral values are the lights of hope for the whole humanity. Yakov Messenzhnik, a world known Russian scientist, addressing the audience emphasized that it is the Spiritual University that develops and supports spirituality in the whole world as the means of survival and salvation. Remarkable is that the Director of Brahma Kumaris Centre in Moscow, initiator of the project "Relay-race of Positive Changes" was included in that encyclopedia.

The ceremony of awarding all the heroes of this encyclopedia with the memorable medal "Person of Millennium", supported by the Administration Department of President of Russia, was held in the building of the Council of Russian Federation on 17th April 2009.

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